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Professional Microphone with Pop Filter
Charlie has a very wide range of sultry, warm, conversational, mid to deep booming voices. Razor sharp mid for attention grabbing sports ads, promos and trailers and everything in between. Professional yet fun and down to earth. 

STUDIO EQUIPMENT: Fully functioning professional studio.. Universal Audio PreAmps, Yamaha HS8 flat response speakers, Sennheiser, Neumann and CAD Microphones, Correct acoustic sound, custom built vocal booth with built in Source Connect.


1990 - 1994 Charlie pounded the pavement and toured from Florida to New York as front man and lead guitarist in a Heavy Metal Hip Hop Band called “THE FLESHY HEADED MUTANTS”.

During that time Charlie was also dabbling in voice over on the side at local radio stations. After the promise of fame and fortune took it's toll in the music industry, he finally went full time into voice acting for a living. Charlie is working hard to ensure that his recordings and deliveries are top notch quality for his clients. He can send his work within 24 hours to clients anywhere! 


Charlie plays the drums, guitar, bass, raps & sings. He is proficient with editing and mixing audio. Charlie is also proficient with Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software. Because of his musical background, he takes direction extremely well and sometimes to new and unimaginable heights.

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