Charlie has a very wide range of sultry, warm, conversational, mid to deep booming voices. Razor sharp mid for attention grabbing sports ads, promos and trailers and everything in between. Professional yet fun and down to earth. 

TRAINING: Seminars, VO classes, extensive online research, hands on experience as a front man in a band for many years, Night Club DJ, Melbourne, Florida W.F.I.T Radio station creating & voicing commercials. Graduate of the Gravy for the brain VO course online & Prodigy VO Talent training. Coaching and training sessions from Victoria Lambert, Roger Leopardi, Brent Allen Hagel, Andy Roth, Jeniffer Sukup and Lisa Ortiz via skype from New York.

STUDIO EQUIPMENT: Fully functioning professional studio..Very powerful & capable Custom built ADK studio PC w/ 32 gig, 64 bit operating system all connected to a Mackie Onyx 1620i Fire Wire mixer, Universal Audio Apollo Twin USB PreAmp, Yamaha HS8 flat response speakers, Rode, Sennheiser and CAD Microphones, Sony Studio Pro MDR Headphones, Correct acoustic sound, custom built vocal booth with built in IPDTL to connect ISDN, Source Connect and others. 


For many years Charlie worked and toured from Florida to New York as a lead vocalist, lead guitarist in a Heavy Metal Band. During that time club owners would hand him pre written scripts to read over the microphone during sound checks. They would always ask him to say some things about the club and his band and in return they would give his band a bar tab. For years Charlie & his band believed the club owners were just fooling around and recording these scripts just for fun. At that time Charlie knew nothing about voice acting as a career. He had no idea these club owners were using his recorded voice for radio spots every other month for 5 years. A good friend and inventor needed a voice for his product and by pure luck and coincidence, introduced Charlie to Voice Acting where his career was finally realized. Charlie is working hard to ensure that his recordings are top quality for his clients. These days Charlie can be found sharing his versatile talent with clients all over the world. He can send his work within 24 hours to clients anywhere! Charlie specializes in most, if not all voice over genres. You deserve to get it all done right the first time. Let Charlie put his extraordinary skills to work for you.


Charlie plays the drums, guitar, bass & sings. He is proficient with editing and mixing audio. Charlie is also proficient with Adobe Premiere Elements video editing software. Because of his musical background, he takes direction extremely well and sometimes to new and unimaginable heights.